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Motionlab is robust scalable SaaS solution for agencies and videoproductions  that enables truly personalized video experience. 

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Motionlab empowers businesses to win, serve, and retain their customers through deeply personalized video content


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What do your piers say about our platform?

"In a campaign for our client, we needed to generate one video a day for three months, to announce a contest winner. For this, Motionlab was a great solution. We were able to offer our client a more effective, cheaper and also automated solution, which fits into the whole campaign. We had a video in a matter of minute, in every format needed, and were able to distribute it to all desired channels"

František​ Procházka
Technical Director at Isobar

What we do

Motionlab platform helps to transform and increase the impact of video communication across all industries, in all stages of customer lifecycle and to any audience. It's a great tool if you want to increase revenue, strengthen the brand loyalty, improve customer experience and satisfaction or personalize the communication with your clients.

In our personalized videos each viewer is given a unique message tailor-made according to his/her purchase, request history, preferences, interests or needs, even in real-time.

Why Motionlab?


Helps to develop new business opportunities 


Easy to use tool for generation and automatization


Fully GDPR compliant


Award-winning platform


Creativity and Video production can be 100% in your hands


Adapts your project at any volume of data processing


Enables deep dynamic personalization


Assures credibility accompanied by a wow effect

How it works


Platform includes insights and analytics where you can easily track and monitor effectiveness and optimize the communication.


Motionlab platform is a strategic, long-term and a powerful tool from which global digital agencies and small video productions can benefit in the same way.

Our solution


Batch rendering

Motionlab creates thousands of personalized videos upfront


On-demand back-end rendering

Motionlab waits for user input (API call) to create personalized videos, based on the call data

We help our clients drive revenue and save costs by video personalization. The cost varies according to several parameters: selected mode, video format, number of personalized dynamics elements, length of video, length of campaign, number of distribution channels.

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Motionlab platform is a tool for every agency which cares about impact of video communication
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